Rob Reuter

Rob is a man who loves working with his hands. He was born and raised in South East South Dakota. He has worked in the electrical field since 1999. From being involved in the construction processes that are part of home building, he carries a wide array of residential experience.

certified thermal imaging home inspector

A Passion for the Field

He has always had a deep interest in the residential home, from its structure to its efficiencies. In 2009, Rob became certified in Thermal Imaging by the Snell Group. With this newly acquired skill, he began conducting Thermal Imaging Analysis in residential homes. He enjoyed it so immensely that he decided to further broaden his skillset. He began taking classes provided by the Professional Home Inspection Institute becoming a licensed Home Inspector.

Your Quality Inspector

Rob loves identifying a problem and sharing his knowledge with others. His ability to observe and assess a challenging situation, document it in the form of a detailed report, and then clearly explain it to his clients so they feel confident in making a decision is an expertise that he is most proud of. His life experience and gained competences in the field have given him a multitude of resources and knowledge needed to be a successful Home Inspector.

Home inspecting gives Rob a great work life balance. In his spare time he loves to work on motors, mini bikes, snowmobiles and ride outdoor recreational vehicles. He also likes to work on houses and woodworking projects.

Rob Reuter Home Inspector


Rob Reuter has obtained several additional certifications and memberships that enhance his expertise as a licensed Home Inspector. These include:

Thermal Imaging
Level 1

Rob is able to take thermal images so he can gather more information needed to identify and document problems. This information gathered will allow the client to make the right preventative measures and maintenance. You will be able to replace the components before they fail completely.


Rob can search a home for bugs and other creatures that can cause structural damage or compromise your health. You can request an inspection whenever you are worried you may have an issue. Hiring a professional to tackle it while it’s small will save you money.


Radon is a radioactive gas that is naturally occurring in soil under and around homes. It is undetectable by sight or smell, so having a test done is the one way you will find out. You can protect you and your family’s health by requesting Rob to conduct a Radon Test.


Being an InterNACHI Member, Rob has access to all of their online courses, giving him the ability to update and always expand upon his knowledge in a changing field. You can trust that Rob will bring forth the skill you need in the current times.

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