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Our Belief

Our belief is simple: Give our clients an honest, complete inspection, and you will have provided them with the knowledge and confidence needed to proceed with their decision. All houses are different, each with different characteristics that we visually and independently gather through our inspection. We do not go into a house looking to condemn it or build it up based on appeal, but rather try and observe potential issues and classify them as being a normal maintenance issue or something more severe. We believe that if the client is properly educated and informed about the property being inspected, then we have done our job to the best of our abilities.


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South Dakota Home Inspections

An Inspection that Meets Your Needs

Just as each home is different from the next, we understand that our clients have different concerns and needs for services. We are a company that listens to the specific requests of our clients and adjusts our work to meet those needs. We will customize an inspection to your satisfaction on specific items. In a world where the demands of property owners are constantly growing and changing, we are happy to add new services to cover all that you need us to. We always do thorough walk-throughs at the end of each inspection to ensure we have not missed any detail. 

Making Accommodations to Fit Your Schedule

With all things considered, purchasing or selling a home is hectic and often time-sensitive. That is why we try to make this process as painless as possible for you. We encourage the buyer or realtor to attend the inspection to ensure that any and all of your questions can be answered on-site. We understand you may still have questions after the inspection – we welcome your calls at any time. After an inspection, we will have the report available in 24 hours, so you have time to review it thoroughly. And, to prevent you from having to make a trip or yet another phone call, we offer online payments for your convenience.

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Thorough Reports

At the end of an inspection, we will take the information we gathered and compile it into an itemized inspection report, available to you within 24 hours. In each report, we include an abundance of pictures and information to give you a clear picture of the nature and condition of the home. We strive to write our reports in an easy-to-read format in a straightforward, understandable manner.

Try HomeGauge’s Create Request List (CRL) Feature


From the comfort of your home, you can easily create a project or repair request list. This will help put you in a better position for easier negotiations. Once you have selected all the criteria you need in your Create Request List, you can then send it to your real estate agent to be included with the standard repair addendum.

Home Inspections By Rob, LLC

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